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链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1oqg34m2RmLlEUXMGZZ2gwA 提取码: amwj 大学英语四级考试,即CET-4,College English Test Band 4的缩写,是由国家教育部高等教育司主持的全国性英语考试。考试的主要对象是根据教育大纲修完大学英语四级的在校专科生、本科生或研究生。大学英语四、六级标准化考试自1986年末开始筹备,1987年正式实施。 这里有四级考试资料 希望能帮到您



  Test Twenty-One


  beat, win, conquer, defeat, overcome





  指在竞赛或战斗中击败对方,其对象一般应是物,如battle, race, victory等。







  如:We can easily beat you at baseball.打垒球我们可以轻易地击败你们。

  The Chinese team won in the end.最后中国队赢了。

  The Normans conquered England in 1066.1066年,诺曼底人征服了英格兰。

  He defeated his opponents in this election.在这次竞选中,他击败了对手。

  He made efforts to overcome every difficulty.他努力克服每一个困难。

  award, reward







  He was awarded a medal for his outstanding contribution to science.由于对科学作出了杰出贡献,他被授予一枚奖章。

  He rewarded me with 30 dollars for taking him to the airport.我把他送到机场,他给了我30美元作酬金。


  1. She never laughed, ?____? lose her temper.

  A. nor she ever did B. or she ever did

  C. or did she ever D. nor did she ever

  2. ?____? with the developed areas, people’s living standard of this province is not high at all.

  A. Compare B. While comparing

  C. When compared D. Comparing

  3. It is no use ?____? me not to worry about his injury.

  A. you tell B. your telling

  C. for you to have told D. having told

  4. If the earth suddenly ?____? spinning, we would allfly off it.

  A. had stopped B. stopped

  C. has stopped D. would stop

  5. Advertising is distinguished from other forms of communication ?______? the advertiser pays for the message to be delivered.

  A. in that B. in which

  C. in order that D. in the way

  6. After taking office, China’s Prime Minister, Zhu Rongji, tried his best to promote the new ?____? policies.

  A. economic B. economical C. economy D. economics

  7. Look at these clouds. ?____?.

  A. It will rain B. It’s going to rain

  C. It will be raining D. It is to rain

  8. ?____? the 1500’s ?____? the first Europeans explored the coast of California.

  A. It was not until/then B. It is not until/when

  C. It is until/that D. It was not until/that

  9. ?____? the letter, I ran out of the room to the post office.

  A. Finishing

  B. No sooner that I had finished up

  C. As soon as I finished writing

  D. Since I finished up to write

  10. If the law and order ?____?, neither the citizen nor his property is safe.

  A. are not preserved B. have not been preserved

  C. were notpreserved D. is not preserved

  11. Before moving to another city, Amy ?____? of the house and the furniture.

  A. disposed B. discarded C. discharged D. distributed

  12. Amy Taylor was ?____? both as a drama critic and as a poet.

  A. subtle B. progressive C. eminent D. plausible

  13. He was very much interested in the work of charities, and made a regular ?____? to them.

  A.dedication B. fellowship

  C. hospitality D. contribution

  14. The temperature ?____? greatly; the days were very hot, the nights very cold.

  A. changed B. altered C. varied D. reflected

  15. The washing machine would not work because of a(n) ?____?in the switch.

  A. mistake B. trouble C. error D. defect

  16. Recently there has been a great ?____? for small cars that consume little gas.

  A. request B. want C. demand D. claim

  17. Mark ?____? his breath in wonder when he saw the Christmas tree in the sitting room.

  A. held B. grasped C. kept D . blew

  18. Our school singing group is going to give a(n) ?____?performance next month. Don’t miss it.

  A. alive B. living C. life D. live

  19. The old buildings blend with the new ones in perfect ?____?so a walk along Nanking Road is an enjoyable discovery.

  A. control B. order C. harmony D. action

  20. It is not profitable to provide bus service in districts where the population is widely ?____?.

  A. divided B. separated C. spaced D. scattered

  21. It was necessary to ?____? the factory building as the company was doing more and more business.

  A. extend B. increase C. lengthen D. grow

  22. He studied hard in his youth, which ?____? his great success in later life.

  A. answered for B. consisted of

  C. doubled up D. contributed to

  23. If I look the other way, I can see the mouth of the river, wild and ?____?, and the sea beyond.

  A. grand B. inspired C. fierce D. splendid

  24. The relationship between dream life and waking life has been studied ?____?.

  A. originally B. intensively C. extremely D. properly

  25. ?____? the danger from enemy action, people had to cope with severe shortage of food, clothing, fuel, and almost everything.

  A. as to B. as usual C. as regards D. as well as


  1. D)【句意】她从未开怀大笑过,也从未发过脾气。

  【难点】由so, nor, neither引导的并列分句,表示“同样,也”等意义时,主谓语要倒装。

  2. C)【句意】与发达地区相比,该省人民的生活水平根本就不高。

  【难点】本句中发达地区和该省为对比的对象,状语部分中动词的逻辑主语应该是“该省”,故应该采用被动语态。when compared是when it is compared的省略。

  3. B)【句意】你让我别担心他的伤势,可那没用。

  【难点】It is no use 后通常跟动名词短语。

  4. B)【句意】如果地球突然停止运转,我们都会从上面飞离出去。


  5. A)【句意】广告不同于其他的传播方式,是因为广告商得为发布的信息付费。

  【难点】in that 引导原因状语,往往用于书面语,放在句中而不在句首,意为“因为,原因在于”。In which一般用来引导定语从句,修饰表示方位的名词。In order that常常用于引导目的状语从句。

  6. A)【句意】中国国务院总理朱****在上任伊始便尽力推行新的经济政策。

  【难点】economic 意为“经济的,与经济有关的”。economical 意为“节约的,不浪费的”。economy意为“经济”。economics意为“经济学”。

  7. B)【句意】看看这些乌云,马上就要下雨了。

  【难点】选项A)中will表示一种意愿。B)中的be going to do sth 表示目前已有迹象表明即将发生某种事情。C)中使用了将来进行时,用来表示将来某一时刻或某一时期正在进行的动作。D)中的be to do sth 表示一种计划或安排。

  8. D)【句意】直到16世纪,第一批欧洲人才发现加利福尼亚海岸。

  【难点】本句将not until…that…句型和强调句It is (was)…that…结合在一起,形成一个新的常用的结构。

  9. C)【句意】一写完信,我就从家里跑到邮局。


  10. D)【句意】如果法律与秩序不存在,公民及其财产也就无安全可言。

  【难点】本句意在陈述一项事实,所以应采用一般时,law and order是习语,意为“治安”,作单数。

  11. A)【句意】在搬到另一个城市之前,艾米处理掉了房子和家具。

  【难点】dispose of 意为“处理,整理”;discard意为“丢弃;抛弃”; discharge 意为“解雇,免…的职务;开除”; distribute意为“分开;分送;分配”。

  12. C)【句意】艾米•泰勒既是个卓越的戏剧评论家,也是个卓越的诗人。


  13. D)【句意】他对慈善事业很感兴趣,并定期作些捐赠。

  【难点】contribution 意为“捐款,贡献;捐助”,make a contribution to 是动词短语,意为“向…捐款”;dedication 意为“献身;献身精神”;fellowship 意为“伙伴关系;友情;友谊”;hospitality 意为“友好款待;好客;殷勤”。

  14. C)【句意】气温变化非常大,白天特别热,夜晚特别冷。

  【难点】vary意为“相异,不同;变化; change意为“改变,变化”,尤指全面发生的变化;alter意为“(部分地)改变,变动;更改”;reflect意为“反射;反应;显现”。

  15. D)【句意】由于开关有毛病,洗衣机就是不起动。

  【难点】defect意为“缺陷;弱点”;mistake意为“错误;过失”;trouble意为“困难,麻烦,困扰”;error 意为“失误,错误”。

  16. C)【句意】近来对油耗低的微型小汽车的需求量一直很大。

  【难点】demand意为“需求,需求量,要求”,supply and demand构成“供需”之意;request意为“请求,请”;want 意为“需要,缺乏”,常用于for want of 这一短语中;claim意为“要求,主张,声称,认领”。

  17. A)【句意】当马克看到起居室里的圣诞树时,他惊讶地屏住了呼吸。

  【难点】hold one’s breath 意为“(因紧张,激动等)屏息”,另外三个动词不能和breath进行合理搭配。

  18. D)【句意】我们学校合唱队下月将进行现场表演,千万不要错过哟!

  【难点】live 在本句中是形容词,意为“现场直播的,实况转播的”;alive 意为“有活力的,有生色的,活跃的”;living意为“逼真的,惟妙惟肖的”;life为名词,不适合本句句意。

  19. C)【句意】南京路上新旧建筑物如此和谐,以致走在路上,你会感到心旷神怡。

  【难点】in harmony意为“协调一致,和睦融洽”;in control 意为“处于被控制状态”;in order 意为“井然有序,处于良好状态”;in action意为“在起作用,在行动中”。

  20. D)【句意】人口分布稀疏的地区通公共汽车不划算。

  【难点】scatter意为“使分散”;divide意为“分隔,把…隔开”;separate 意为“使(两者)分开,分离”;space意为“(用间隔)分隔开”。

  21. A)【句意】公司的生意越做越大,有必要扩大厂房。


  22. D)【句意】他年轻的时候学习很努力,这也是他后半生取得巨大成功的原因。

  【难点】contribute to意为“有助于,促成,是…的部分原因”;answer for 意为“负有责任,需作交待”;consist of 意为“组成,构成”;double up意为“笑弯了腰”。

  23. C)【句意】如果我朝另一侧看,我能看见河口,汹涌奔腾,再往远处,就是大海。

  【难点】fierce 意为“猛烈的”;grand意为“雄伟的,堂皇的,庄重的”;inspired意为“受到鼓舞的”;splendid 意为“壮丽的,华丽的,壮观的”。

  24. B)【句意】梦境生活与现实生活的联系已被彻底研究过。

  【难点】intensively 意为“集中地,彻底地”;originally 意为“本来,原来”,不能和完成时连用;extremely意为“极端地,非常地”;properly 意为“适宜地,恰当地”。

  25. D)【句意】除有敌人进攻的危险,人们还要去应付衣食、燃料和几乎所有物资的紧缺。

  【难点】as well as 意为“除…之外,还要…”;as to 意为“关于”; as usual 意为“照常,照例”,不是介词词组,不能用于本句, as regards 意为“关于…,至于…”。



  Test Six








  例如:There is no one but knows it.没有一个人不知道此事。

  2)can not与副词too,enough, sufficiently, over, too much等词连用时,意为“无论怎样也不过分”,“越…越”。例如:

  You cannot be too careful.你越仔细越好。

  We cannot praise him too much.我们无论怎样赞扬他也不过分。


  break, crack, crush, shatter,break, smash




  If you break that vase, you’ll have to pay for it.如果打破了那只花瓶,你就得赔偿。



  You may crack these nuts with a hammer.你可以用锤子把这些坚果敲开。



  To make wine, you first crush the grapes.若要造酒,需先将葡萄压碎。



  The explosion shattered most of the windows in the building.爆炸震碎了那座大楼的大部分窗玻璃。



  He smashed the window with a brick.他用砖块击碎窗玻璃。


  1. ?____? native to North America, corn has now spreadall over the world.

  A. In spite of B. That it is C. It was D. Although

  2. Our civilization cannot be thought of as ?____? in a short period of time.

  A. to have been created B. to be created

  C. having been created D. being created

  3. We feel it is high time that the Government ?____?something to check the inflation.

  A. did B. do C.should do D. would do

  4. It has been proposed that we ?____? our decision until the next meeting.

  A.delayed B.delay C. can delay D. are to delay

  5. Hurricanes are severe cyclones with winds over seventy?five miles an hour ?____? originate over tropical ocean waters.

  A. which B. who C. where D.how to

  6. ?____? is announced in the papers, our country has launched a large?scale movement against smuggling and fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.

  A. What B. As C. Which D. That

  7. All the flights ?____? because of the snowstorm, wehad to take the train instead.?

  A.were canceled B. had been canceled

  C. having canceled D. having been canceled

  8. Once ?____?, this power station will supply all the neighboring towns and villages with electricity.

  A. it being completed B. it completed

  C. completed D. it completes

  9. He might have been killed ?____? the timely arrival of the ambulance.

  A. but for B. except for C. besides D. except

  10. If you have never planted anything, you won’t be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you have planted ?____?.

  A.grow B. to grow

  C. growing D. to be growing

  11. He did me a ?____? turn by lending me ten pounds.

  A. good B. nice C. fine D. pretty

  12. Once our chickens started laying eggs, we had such a ?____?of eggs that we were giving many away to our neighbors.

  A. output B. surplus C. production D. plenty

  13. Following are comments about the behavior that people in Korea usually expect in various social?____?.

  A. occasions B. cases C.situations D. circumstances

  14. They have considered their high standard of living a(n) ?____?for practising their basic beliefs

  A. award B. reward C. result D. consequence

  15. Mac’s close ?____? to his brother made people mistake them for one another.

  A. resemblance B. identity

  C. appearance D. relationship

  16. The thieves ?____? the waste paper all over the room while they were searching for the diamond ring.

  A. spread B. scratched C.scattered D. burned

  17. The sight of the fruit salad made our daughter Kit’s mouth ?____?.

  A. wet B. water C. soak D. taste

  18. The ?____? problem of bring a space?ship back from the moon has been solved.

  A. technical B. technological C. technique D. technology

  19. A large part of a person’s memory is ?____? words and combination of words.

  A.by means of B. in terms of

  C. in connection with D. by way of

  20. At her word she stood up and walked away, stopping at the window to pull back the curtain and ?____?.

  A.look round B. look out C. look up D. look on

  21. Their happiness was very ?____?.

  A. crisp B. brittle C. delicate D. fragile

  22. I was awfully tired when I got home from work, but a half?hour nap ?____? me.

  A.revived B. released C. relieved D. recovered

  23. We should always keep in mind that ?____? decisions often lead to bitter regrets

  A.hasty B. instant C. prompt D.rapid

  24. Information and opinion?gap exercises have to have some content ?______? talking about.

  A. worthwhile B. worthily C. worth D. worthy

  25. “If we fail to act now,”said Tom, “We’ll find ourselves ?____? in action later on.”

  A.paid back B. paid for C.paid up D.paid off


  1. D)【句意】玉米虽原产于北美洲,但现在已遍及全世界。

  【难点】四个选项中,B)和C)不合理。A)项的in spite of 是复合介词,后接名词。D)项的although是连词,后接从句,在本句中接的是一个省略主语的从句。

  2. C)【句意】不应把我们的文明看作是短期内创造出来的。

  【难点】as 在这里是介词,后面应接名词性质的词,create的动作是过去发生的,所以选C)。

  3. A)【句意】我们认为该到政府采取措施抑制通货膨胀的时候了。

  【难点】it is high time that后面接虚拟语气,时态用一般过去时,意为“该到…时候了”。

  4. B)【句意】有人建议我们应将我们的决定推迟到下次会议作出。

  【难点】在suggest, propose, demand ,insist 等动词后面的宾语从句中,应使用(should)+动词原形的虚拟语气。

  5. A)【句意】飓风是生成于热带海洋水域上空、风速达每小时75英里以上的强烈气旋。


  6. B)【句意】正如报界所宣传的那样,我国已发起大规模反走私和反欺诈性外币交易的运动。

  【难点】as在这里是一个代词,常用在类似as is well known这样的句子中,意为“这一点”。

  7. D)【句意】所有航班因暴风雪都被取消,我们不得不改乘火车。


  8. C)【句意】这座电站一建成竣工,就将向周围城乡供电。

  【难点】once在这里是连词,意为“一旦…就…”,后面省略了it is。

  9. A)【句意】要不是救护车及时到达,他可能就没命了。

  【难点】but for 意为“要不是”,它的典型使用就是在虚拟语气的句子中,所以正合题意。

  10. A)【句意】如果你从未种植过任何东西,你就不会明白观察你种植的东西生长所带来的快乐。

  【难点】watch 后接不带to的不定式作宾语补足语。

  11. A)【句意】他借给我十英磅,算是给我做了件好事。

  【难点】当turn为“行为,举止”时,常与good,bad,ill,evil连用。dosb. a good turn意为“做利于某人的事”。

  12. B)【句意】我们的鸡开始下蛋后,我们便把剩余的鸡蛋送给邻居。

  【难点】surplus 意为“过剩,剩余”;output 意为“产量”;production意为“生产”;plenty意为“丰富,大量”。

  13. A)【句意】下列是有关韩国人在不同的社交场合可能有的行为的评论。

  【难点】occasion意为“场合,节庆活动”;case 意为“事实;情况”;situation意为“情况;处理”;circumstance意为“环境;形势”。

  14. B)【句意】他们认为自己的高生活水准是对实施基本信仰的一种报偿。

  【难点】reward意为“报答;奖赏”;award意为“奖;奖品”;result 意为“结果”;consequence意为“后果”。

  15. A)【句意】麦克和弟弟长得十分相像,人们常常把他们俩认错。

  【难点】这四个名词中resemblance后面可接介词to,表示“与相似”。relationship后面接to 时意为“和…的关系”。

  16. C)【句意】小偷找钻戒的时候,把废纸撒落得满屋都是。


  17. B)【句意】我女儿凯蒂一看见水果色拉就流口水。

  【难点】wet 意为“湿的”;water意为“流口水”;soak意为“浸湿”;taste意为“品尝”。

  18. A)【句意】使宇宙飞船从月球上返航的技术问题已被解决。

  【难点】technical意为“技术的,技能的”;technological 意为“技术学的,工艺学的”;technique意为“技术,技能”,是名词;technology意为“技术(学),工艺(学)”,也是名词。

  19. B)【句意】一个人的大部分记忆是用词和词的组合进行的。

  【难点】in terms of 意为“用…的话,以…措辞”;by means of意为“借着”;in connection with 意为“与…相关联,关于”;by way of “经过…,经由…”。

  20. B)【句意】听了她的话,她站起身,走开了,然后停在窗前,拉开窗帘,向外眺望。

  【难点】look out意为“向外看”;look around意为“环顾”;look up意为“抬头望,查检”;look on意为“旁观”。

  21. D)【句意】他们的幸福非常脆弱。

  【难点】fragile 意为“脆弱的,虚弱的,易碎的”;crisp意为“脆的,新鲜而脆生的”;brittle意为“易碎的,易损坏的”;delicate意为“脆的,娇贵的”。

  22. A)【句意】我下班回家的时候累极了,但半小时的午睡又使我振作了精神。

  【难点】revive 意为“使恢复精力;使振奋精神”;release意为“放开,松开”;relieve意为“缓解,减轻”;recover意为“恢复(健康,知觉,情绪等);使复原”。

  23. A)【句意】我们应该永远牢牢记住,草率的决定常常导致后悔不堪。


  24. C)【句意】信息练习和见解分歧练习里必须有值得读的内容。


  25. A)【句意】“如果我们不能现在采取行动”,汤姆说,“我们会发现自己在以后的行动中得到回报”。

  【难点】pay back意为“回报,报答”;pay for意为“为…付出代价”;pay up意为“全部付清”;pay off意为“还清债务;清偿欠(某人)的债务”。